Malinalco village

A beautiful village

Malinalco nature

Malinalco, located in the South of the State of México about 100 Km from the center of the city of México, offers a landscape of a unique beauty surrounded by a fantastic mountain circle, a magical people that has preserved for more than 500 Years its origins …

Malinalco historical

To walk in Malinalco is to put his steps in a mystical place where the pre-Hispanic past and the colonial memory meet in a harmonious way. On the mountains « Cerro de los Ídolos » one can see and walk in an important archaeological site of which the Sanctuary « of the Guerreros Águila y Jaguar » is only comparable to Ellora in India and the temple of Abu Simbel in Egipto to be carved out the rock.

Malinalco life&tradition

In the center of the village there is a magnificent Augustin convent of the XVI century which contains exceptional murals by the indigenes of the period … There is also the marvelously lively market on Wednesdays or its small Sunday market, as well as the famous tradition throughout the region of its famous ice cream.

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